Article 1Edit

  1. The Southern Arc Islands are a sovereign, independent, unitary and indivisible National State.
  2. The Southern Arc Islands are a democratic and social state, governed by the rule of law, in which human dignity, the citizens' rights and freedoms, the free development of human personality, justice and political pluralism represent supreme values, in the spirit of the democratic traditions of the Lovian people and shall be guaranteed.
  3. The Southern Arc Islands shall be organized based on the principle of the separation and balance of powers - legislative, executive, and judicial - within the framework of constitutional democracy. Therefore no person is entitled to combine a top function in two or three branches of government; thus, the President, the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court Judge shall be no less than three different persons.
  4. In the Southern Arc Islands, the observance of the Constitution, its supremacy and the laws shall be mandatory.
  5. The national sovereignty shall reside within the Southern Arc people, that shall exercise it by means of their representative bodies, resulting from free, periodical and fair elections, as well as by referendum.
  6. No group or person may exercise sovereignty in one's own name.